Documentary Producers Alliance



While audiences are experiencing a 'golden age' of documentary with more film choices than ever, the documentary field suffers from lack of transparency, financial instability, and exclusivity. These issues present grave consequences for independent producers who work tirelessly to make these films possible.

Coupled with this is a general lack of understanding or acknowledgement of the documentary producer role, even within our own industry. We risk burning people out — and keeping people out — without new awareness, recognition, and financial models for the people who play this crucial role and the value they bring to the filmmaking process.

The volunteer-led DPA is working to make the field more inclusive and documentary filmmaking more viable as a career. With more than 100 members and seven committees, the DPA is tackling issues that include: economic sustainability, crediting practices, inclusion and structural equality in the documentary field, data-gathering around compensation and unpaid labor, and strengthening the ability of all filmmakers to produce creative, groundbreaking work in a flourishing documentary industry.